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Danish Parliament: Folketinget
Case Studies/Whitepapers


released: 24 August 2004

Studio A/S, a production facility based in Copenhagen, has been awarded a four year contract to produce the proceedings of the Danish Parliament, Folketinget. Studio A/S installed a Telemetrics Model CPS-LG-S Camera Legislative Control System, which has touch-screen computer control of five robotic cameras. For graphics, Studio A/S installed a two channel Inscriber solution: the Inca Store and Inca CG. The entire system underwent complete system approval in mid-August and will be on the air with the start of the Folketinget proceedings in October.

Folketinget Signal Feeds - There are two live SDI channel outputs: The first channel be use the
Inscriber Inca Store and have name insertions under serial control from the Telemetrics. This will be
a simple and clean broadcast feed to DR (Denmarks Radio,) the national broadcaster. The second
channel uses the Inscriber Inca CG and is under manual control to provide additional overlays such
as logos, clocks, text agendas, clip playout and more.


Inscriber Graphics System: The Inscriber graphics system is all installed on a SuperMicro dual
3GHz Xeon CPUs with 1GB RAM and extra media hard drives running Windows XP. There are two
Inscriber PCI-100 SDI I/O cards, and two separate Inscriber programs installed. Also installed is a
LynxTwo digital audio card for AES-EBU audio output.

Inca Store - Program 1: The Inca Store Sequencer has over 200 prepared lower third
names loaded. The user first touches the correct seat on the Telemetrics Touchscreen, and,
within 2 seconds, two robotic cameras quickly focus on the seat. When the operator clicks a
Take command, the Telemetrics takes the shot and calls up the Inca Store under serial control
to key on the correct name.s.

Inca CG - Program 2: The INCA CG allows for graphics creation and ready for playout of
additional overlays, including such things as Logo Insertion, Clock insertion, clip playout (with
audio,) Text crawls and full screen text graphics (with odbc links for automatic text updates)
and more. The Inca CG is equipped with the Inscriber options: Active Textures (for video clip
playout,) the ODBC Option (autoload links to an odbc compliant database, ) and the Strata
Option (allows for additional independent layers of graphics.

This system was installed by Studio A/S, with Telemetrics programming by Telemetrics.
The Inscriber products were installed by MCI Videotronic, the Danish Inscriber Dealer.

More Info:
Telemetics Inc. New Jersey, USA.
Inscriber Technology Corporation Canada.
Studio A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark.
MCI Videotronic, Copenhagen, Denmark.