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Telemetrics Founder: Anthony C. Cuomo - Manhattan College BSEE graduate.


Employed by Allen B. Dumont Laboratories which became a division of Fairchild. Left as Engineering Manager of Instrument Division. Other Dumont employees included Haig Soojian, Frank Cusano, Steve Halas.


Anthony C. Cuomo - Engineering Manager - Philips Broadcast Television Systems Haig Soojian - Electronics Engineer - Philips Broadcast Television Systems Albert Chan - Electronics Engineer - Philips Broadcast Television Systems Frank Cusano - Product Documentation Manager - Philips Broadcast Television Systems Steve Halas - Mechanical Design - Philips Broadcast Television Systems.


Part of development team for Philips PC-100 Triax Camera System.


SMPTE Journal - A Digitally Controlled Color Television Camera.


Philips relocates camera engineering to Eindhoven plant ending US operations.


Anthony C. Cuomo - Employed by Hughes Sports Network, developed LDH-1 Triax System TD-20.


Employed by Editel Production converted Philips LDH-1 Camera to portable triax camera system. EN-C1 Hand Held Camera.

Teledesigns Incorporated - Anthony C. Cuomo Founder, Company located at 16 Partridge Hill, Upper Saddle River, NJ, (founders residence)

Telemetrics Incorporated- Anthony C. Cuomo President, Haig Soojian, Albert Chan - Partners, Consultants-Mechanical Design - Steve Halas, Operations - Frank Cusano, Company Located at 16 Partridge Hill, Upper Saddle River, NJ, (founders residence)


OEM contracts for Triax systems:RCA TK-44, TKP-45


OEM Hitachi SK-96 Triax System contract.

RCA TK-76 OEM Contract.


Ikegami HL-35 Triax System Development.

IVC-7000 Triax System project.

Ampex Triax System


OEM First Ikegami HL-77 Triax Unit.


OEM Contracts for Triax Systems: RCA: TK760.

NBC Political Conventions.


HL-79 Triax Control System and integrated Pan/Tilt Head order for ABC Sports.

OEM contract for Triax System: RCA TK86 Triax Unit.


Lake Placid Winter Olympics-ABC Sports.


OEM contract for Triax System:Toshiba PK-60 Camera.

NEC SP-3A OEM Triax System Development.

Early Teledesigns Advertisement.


OEM contract for RCA Hawkeye Camera Triax System.

National Association of Broadcastes Convention- RCA Exhibit -Hawkeye and 360 degree Pan/Tilt Head Robotics on single Triax cable.

Company relocates to 300 Route 17 North, Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Early Telemetrics Advertisements

Early National Association of Broadcasters Convention Booth.


OEM contract for RCA CCD-1 Camera Triax System. Industries first CCD Broadcast Camera System.

RCA CCD-1 Triax System.

Dallas Republican National Convention.

National Association of Broadcasters Convention.

Product Catalog Printed: RCA CCD-1 First Broadcast CCD Camera Triax System TM-8406, RCA CCD-1 Multicore Control Panel TM-8404, ABC Sony Super Slo-Mo Triax Transmission System TM-8415, Sharp XC-900 Camera Triax Control System TM-XC-803TX, Component VTR Adapter TM-8420, 7 " Triax Powered Viewfinder TM-8421, TV Camera Signal Multiplexer TM-8422, TM-8400 Heavy Duty Weatherproof Pan/Tilt System, TM-832 Triax Remote Control 360 degree Pan/Tilt System, TM-831 HL-79 Triax Control System, TM-833W Triax/Wireless Component YIQ Camera Control System


ABC,NBC,CBS Political Conventions.

Company relocates to 7 Valley St., Hawthorne, NJ.

OEM Contract Sharp XC803TX Triax System.


Product Catalog 1200: Robotics Control Panel TM-864, Shot Sequencer TM-8508, TM-833-T Triax Control System, TM-8400 Heavy Duty Weatherproof Pan/Tilt System.

Order to ABC-Sports TM-8505 Industries first Single Coax Connected Camera Control Systems for HL-95 Cameras.

Product Catalog 1400: TM-8505 Coax Connected Camera Control System.

OEM Contract Sharp XCA1 Triax System


Product Catalog 1500: TM-8640 Coax Connected Camera Remote Control System.

Coax System Advertisement.


Teleconferencing Control Panels Catalog: Room Control Panels built to customer specifications.

Product Catalog 801: Triax/Coax Connected Camera Control System TM-8650.


Product Catalog 802: Camera Trolley System Model 68060, Pan/Tilt Head 50270, 66065 Preset Panel, 68012 and 68007 Remote Panels, Model 50628 Heavy Duty Motorized Camera Mount.

Video Conferencing System Advertising.


Air National Guard Airborne Cockpit Video Camera/Recorder project - Gulf War.

Airborne Video System Advert.

Product Catalog 902: Motorized Pan/Tilt Camera Mount Models 50270 & 50271, Desktop Control Panel Model 68012, Rack Control Panel Model 68007, 66095, and Robot Camera Mount Free Roving Pedestal Model 51260, Heavy Duty Motorized Mount Model 50628, Small Motorized Pan/Tilt Mount Model 51222, Control Receiver Model 50939.


Triax Multiplexing Camera Control System Emmy Award


Democratic National Convention Madison Square Garden.

National Association of Broadcasters Convention 1992.

TM-9250 Triax System Advertisement.

Robotics System Advertisement

TM-9255 Coax System Advertisement

Panasonic OEM Contract to provide AQ-20 Camera Triax Systems for C-Span

Panasonic NAB 1992 Booth AQ-20 Camera Triax Display.


TM-9250 Triax System Advertisment.

Teleconferencing Control Panels Advertisement.

Product Catalog 903: Triax Camera Control System TM-9250. Available in either 1 3/4" high x 19" full rack width with separate power supplys or 1/2 rack width 5 1/2" high Basestation.


Company relocates to new building at 6 Leighton Place, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Product Catalog 904: Coax Camera Control System TM-9255.


Jan. 1995: The OJ Simpson “trial of the century” broadcast entirely with Telemetrics’ camera control system.

Product Catalog 905: PT-HP-M, PT-HP-P, PT-HP-S Pan/Tilt Heads, PT-CP-M, PT-CP-P Compact Pan/Tilt Heads, CP-RMQ-S, CP-RMQ-P, CP-DTS-S, CP-DTS-P, CP-RMS-S, CP-RMS-P, CP-RMD-S, CP-RMD-P Double Joystick Control Panels, CP-RMR-S Serial Controller Receiver, TM-CPS Control Panel Software, TM-VIS Vertical Interval Video Switcher, Custom Control Panels and Conference Room Controllers, Motorized Trolley System TRO-MO, Manual TRO-MA, Cable Track TRO-CT.


Product Catalog 906: RS-232 Controlled Weatherproof Robotic Camera System TM-9400, Environmental Housing SP-PTHOU, Serial Interface Unit SP-SERINT, Heavy Duty Pan/Tilt Head SP-HDPT, TM-CPS Control Panel Software

The Weather Channel Takes the Next Step with Telemetrics


Catalog 907 TM-9255A Coax Camera Control System.

Sandwich Adapter advertisment.


Product Catalog 908: Sandwich Adapters TM-8615, TM-9510 Camera Recorder interface adapters.

Catalog TM-CPS Camera Control Panel Software.

Product Catalog: Triax & Coax Camera Control Systems.

ITV Distance Learning Catalog.

Canon/Telemetrics Pan/Tilt Systems Catalog.

Individual Catalog Sheets.

Product Catalog 908: Sandwich Adapters TM-8615, TM-9510 Camera Recorder interface adapters.


MSNBC - IMUS Application Note.

Trident Technical College Trident Technical College Links Satellite Campuses With Telemetrics' Robotic Camera Systems.

Telemetrics Tracks Leaf Cutter Ants For The JASON Project X


Mini Product Catalog


“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Telemetrics Camera Robotics And Triax Systems Put “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” On Air At Walt Disney MGM Studios.

Time Warner Lightens Their EFP Load With Telemetrics Coax Camera Control Systems. Lightweight Coax Cable Replaces Heavy Multi-core Cable In The Field.

California’s San Bernardino County Overcomes Media

MSNBC Puts WJR Radio On-Air With Telemetrics Camera Robotics Systems

WPA Film and TV Productions Goes The Distance With Telemetrics Triax Systems

Telemetrics Introduces New Digital Servo Controlled Compact Pan/Tilt Mechanism

Telemetrics Introduces High Performance Digital Servo Controlled Pan/Tilt Mechanism


Televator Advertisement.

EWTN Airs Religious Programming With An Advanced Camera Robotics System From Telemetrics EWTN is a global Catholic cable network based in Birmingham, AL that broadcasts religious programming 24 hours a day. The network utilizes an advanced camera robotics system from Telemetrics.

Video Production of NY State Legislature Sessions Uses Telemetrics Camera Robotics

Telemetrics Receives 2002 Vidy Award For CTS-S2 Servo Controlled Trolley System

Telemetrics Camera Robotics Deliver Action Above The Rim For Indiana Pacers

Canadian Global Television Network Employs Telemetrics Camera Robotics Systems In 15 Remotely Operated News Studios

Globosat Scores Big With Telemetrics Robotic Camera System For World Cup Coverage


Telemetrics New Intercom Modem Enhances Triax/Coax System Versatility

Telemetrics Camera Robotics Systems Selected By Sony

Telemetrics Offers Elevating Wall Mount Camera Robotics Trolley System With Servo Controlled Operation

Telemetrics Displays “Coax-Link” Camera Control System

Beth Israel Medical Center Expands Video Coverage In Operating Rooms With Second Telemetrics Robotic Camera System

City of Clearwater Enhances Public Exposure With Telemetrics Camera Robotics and Control Systems

Telemetrics Demonstrates New Application Specific Camera Control Software


Queen Mary 2 Sets Sail With Telemetrics Camera Robotics Systems

SINO TV Produces Chinese Programming Here In The U.S.

Now Playing At Carnegie Hall: Telemetrics Camera Robotics System

Dan Black Studios Takes Telemetrics Coax Systems On The Road

Gulf California Broadcast Automates Television News Production

Automated Newsroom Camera Control Now Available Through Sundance Digital And Telemetrics Collaboration

Print Ad Campaign


Telemetrics Offers Long Distance Solutions for Field Production with Coax Link Systems


China’s ShenZhen TV Selects Telemetrics Camera Control Solutions For New Broadcast Facility

Telemetrics Camera Robotic Systems and Orad Virtual Studio Keep Traders Television Network On-Track


Telemetrics’ Outdoor Robotics Systems Deployed At Winter Olympic Games In Turin, Italy

CMEinfo Graduates from Old and Bulky to Sleek and Modern with Specialized Robotics Systems from Telemetrics

Telemetrics Enhances Popular PTZ Camera Control Panel With 3-Axis Control

Telemetrics’ Weatherproof Camera Systems Handle Outdoor Challenges with Ease

New Enhancements Boost Popularity of Telemetrics’ Control Panel

Telemetrics Assists Media Challenges with Robotic Camera Control Systems

Print Ad Campaign


Telemetrics and Waterman Broadcasting

Telemetrics TeleGlide Camera Trolley System Offers Versatile Configurations With Smooth On-Air Moves

Telemetrics Offers Portable And Economical TelePod Motorized Elevating Tripod

Telemetrics Offers Long Distance Solutions for Field Production with Coax Link Systems

Telemetrics Introduces Network Remote Camera Control Panel At IBC 2007


Versatile New Power Supply from Telemetrics Drives Multiple Camera Robotics Devices

Telemetrics Extendable Camera Mount Adds Vertical Positioning To Ceiling Or Wall Mounted Pan/Tilt Camera Systems


Telemetrics Rocks with U2 360 Concert Tour

Print Ad Campaign

EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal

Telemetrics Helps Get The Best Ballpark Cam Shots


TG3 TeleGlide Camera Track System


CPS Symphony Control System

EP5 Televator®

Pan Tilt Head Ad

Bright Space Technologies Supplies Camera System For British Swimmers' Training


2012 Robotics Ad

Robotics Specialty Camera HDSC-1

Coax-Fiber Ad

Telemetrics Ballpark Cam System for MLB Network Wins Prestigious Edison Award™

Wins STAR Award 2012 at NAB

New Products|Camera Support in Visual Imaging News

Inc.Magazine: Meet the Companies That Make the Weather Channel Tick


2013 Print Ad

TeleGlide Track System – TG4

Robotic camera control system installed in Golf Channel's newsroom


Robo Eye Indoor/Outdoor Robotic Camera

Print Ad

TG4M Track System


Advanced Presenter Tracking System

TG4M Wins Best of Show Award NAB 2015

Unveils EP6 Mini at IBC Show