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Advanced Presenter Tracking System

Advanced Presenter Tracking System

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A new generation of Automatic Tracking has arrived.

Automatic tracking systems are a primary vehicle for capturing content delivered in a given space, including classrooms, boardrooms, churches, or ad-hoc meeting/event locations, all without requiring dedicated camera operators. The Telemetrics Advanced Presenter Tracking System (APTS) is a robotic system that operates by locating and tracking a small, lightweight sensor in a defined area. The system can control an almost unlimited number of robotic devices (video cameras, spot lights, etc.) and allows several presenters to be followed simultaneously. APTS can provide outstanding performance at all times without human intervention, allowing for uninhibited movement regardless of crowds or other visual obstacles in the tracking area.

APTS utilizes an innovative magnetic sensor carried by one or more presenters, who move about in a magnetic field created by strategically located magnetic emitters. These sensors communicate with a CPU to indicate the presenters’ position relative to the magnetic emitters. This data is then processed to guide the robotic cameras and/or lighting systems. APTS systems are easy to use and reliable, and do not require complicated adjustments or specialized calibrations.


  • Multiple cameras/devices can simultaneously follow one or more presenters and reacquire signal if presenter leaves/re-enters tracking area
  • Multiple robotic cameras/devices can be placed anywhere in the area
  • Major manufacturer PTZ or box Cameras on pan/tilts can be used
  • Full automatic remote control of pan, tilt and zoom of camera(s)
  • 360 degree tracking (presenter can walk around the camera)
  • System tracks presenter even through crowds or other obstacles—no line of sight with presenter required
  • Fully scalable from one presenter and one camera in a small room to an almost unlimited number of cameras; up to 9 presenters can be tracked simultaneously
  • Lightweight, easily concealable hub can be worn by presenter, even under clothing
  • Presenter wireless hub can be hardwired to extend coverage range in very large active areas


Range: 12-foot radius centered at source, up to 8 source cubes can be utilized. Overlapping of source cubes required for continuous tracking
Accuracy: Less than 5 inches (dependent on range from source and number of sources)
Tracked Persons: Up to 9, requires additional hubs
Max Source Cubes: 8 cubes
Auto Tracking Server: Dell Server Class with Telemetrics tracking software performing the tracking trajectory to the robotic camera. USB RF dongle for wireless communication with hub
Wireless Belt Hub:
The hub contains embedded hardware and software necessary to compute the position of
the sensor and wirelessly transmit this data to the server
Dimension: 4.2 in (10.6 cm) L x 0.75 in (1.9 cm) W x 2.6 in (6.6 cm) H
Power: Rechargeable battery via mini-usb, 10+ hours per charge
Weight: Approx. 4 oz (114 g)

Source Cube: The source is the system’s reference frame for sensor measurements and the magnetic field generator
Dimension: 4.07 in (10.34 cm) L x 4.07 in (10.34 cm) W x 4.05 in (10.29 cm) H
Power: 5VDC, 1 amp (120 VAC power supply included)
Weight: Approx. 1.60 lbs (726 g)
Range: 12-foot radius centered at source cube
Mounting: Thread size: 1/4” x 20

Specifications and features subject to change without notice


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