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RoboEye Indoor/Outdoor Robotic Camera

RoboEye Indoor/Outdoor Robotic Camera

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RoboEye (PT-RE-1) is an advanced, fully integrated robotic camera head that delivers HD broadcast quality images. The robotic servo controls use motors of ultra-high position and velocity accuracy. This high accuracy makes RoboEye the perfect choice for use with augmented reality or virtual systems – without any required peripherals. This top notch design satisfies military applications as well as demanding commercial and industrial applications where high reliability and smooth and accurate camera performance are a must. RoboEye’s understated, attractive design is also compact, weather proof, and tightly sealed pressure-nitrogen filled capable. RoboEye’s network interface allows users to access video and control online, while accommodating Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces. The RoboEye comes ready for use with a universal mounting bracket that allows wall-, ceiling- and shelf-mounted configurations.


  • Superior Sony Exmor 2.18 megapixel CMOS sensor*
  • Manual or fully automatic focus (TrueFocus), iris, gain and White balance settings
  • 30X optical zoom lens for extraordinary focal range
  • PTZ servo motors provide stop accuracy of 0.03° and velocity of 0.01 - 90°/second
  • S/N ratio of 50dB and a sensitivity of F8 at 2,000 lux
  • Provides native 1,920 x 1,080 HD-SDI and SD composite video outputs in NTSC and PAL
  • HD and video outputs can be used simultaneously
  • Multiple cameras can be genlocked
  • Automatic gain set-up with a manual override
  • Stores up to 1,000 presets
  • Remote control and access via internal server, Ethernet or RS-232C/422
  • USB port
  • IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Integrates with all Telemetrics camera robotics control systems
  • Virtual set ready
* Trademark of Sony


Camera Section/Lens
Imaging device 1/3 Inch CMOS / Progressive Scanning
Total Pixels/Pixel Size 1952 (H) x 1116 (V) 2.18 Megapixels / 2.8 um (H) x 2.8 um (V)
Horizontal TV Lines 1000 TVL at center (wide) Avg.
Sensitivity F8 at 2000Ix
Minimum illumination Color 0.3lx, F1.4, (1/30, 50IRE, 31.5dB)
S/N >50 dB
Gain setup-level AUTO/MANUAL (0~31.5dB)
Electronic shutter @59.94Hz: 2, 4, 8,15, 30, 60,100,125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 10000
1/Shutter @50Hz: 2, 3, 6, 12, 25, 50,100,125, 250, 500,1000, 2000, 4000, 10000
Image Invert Flip and or Invert (Auto Invert & Flip supported)
Image Processing Functions Auto Modes: Full, Shutter Prority, Gain Priority , Iris Priority
Manual Controls: White Balance (Auto, Manual, 3200K, 5600K, One Push)
Red/Blue Gain* Gamma (0.35-0.55,off)* Knee (Fixed, Auto), Dynamic Noise Reduction (Off, Low, High), Black Level (–100-100) * Chromanance (0-255), Hue - Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Cyan/Magenta (–10 -10) Saturation - Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Cyan/Magenta (–30 - 30)
Zoom 30X optical + 2x Digital Zoom (Manual Remote), Horizontal View Angle - Wide (62.9°) Tele (2.2°)
Focus FW = 4.4 mm / Ft = 132mm (Manual Remote, Auto, One Push)
Iris F1.4 - F22 (Minimum with 30x Zoom), (Wide) F1.4 - (Tele) F4.6), Manual Remote, Auto
*specifications and features subject to change without notice

HDSDI (BNC) 1080/59.94p, 1080/59.94p (A-3G),1080/59.94p (B-3G), 1080/59.94i, 720/59.94p
1080/50p, 1080/50p (A-3G), 1080/50p (B-3G), 1080/50i, 720/50p
Video (BNC) NTSC, PAL (Letterbox)
Genlock (BNC) Bilevel or Trilevel
2x Ethernet (RJ45) Control, Web-Server, Virtual Feedback (10, 100bT)
Serial (DB9F) RS-232/422
USB (USB-B) 63 W x 65.6 H x 201.2 D

Pan/Travel Pan (360º) Tilt (270º)
Velocity Pan/Tilt .01-90º/Sec (16bit)
Acceleration Pan/Tilt 45º/Sec
Audible Noise 25 dB (A) Max, IEC Free Field
Stop/Position Accuracy <0.03º / <0.005º
Tally Red & Green

Power* DC 12V ± 10% (60 Watts)
Waterproof/Dustproof IP65 Weather Proof
Operating Temperature -4º to 108ºF (-20º to 42º C)
Operating Humidity 90% Non-condensing
Weight 14 lbs (6.4Kg) Head Only
Color Black. Custom Colors Available
*AC-DC adapter included with package

Ordering Info

Model Number Description
PT-RE-1 RE RoboEye PTZF Camera
PT-RE-IU RE RoboEye Interface Unit
PTO-RE-1-F RE RoboEye IU Fiber Option
PTO-RE-1-PS RE Roboeye Pressure Sensor
PT-RE-BKT RoboEye Universal MTG BKT
PT-RE-IC5 RE RoboEye Interface Cable 5’
PT-RE-IC10 RE RoboEye Interface Cable 10’
*Requires PT-RE-BKT
Cables - Must have one cable per PT-RE-IU interface Box
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PTO-RE-1-W RE RoboEye Cam Wiper Option
EWH Electrical Weather Enclosure
EWHO-RE1 RoboEye Weather Enclosure Kit
EWHO-C1DII Electrical Weather Enclosure Class 1 Division 2


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