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Universal Lens Driver

Universal Lens Driver

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Telemetrics Universal Lens Driver system is a servo system designed to drive Zoom, Focus and Iris on any lens with external control rings, and 12V to drive a lens extender. It is designed to operate with Telemetrics Pan/Tilt Robotics systems, but it also contains the capability of interfacing by emulating Canon or Fujinon serial (RS232/422) or analog (Teleconference) interfaces. In addition it may be controlled via Ethernet. iPhone and Droid apps are planned to interface through a network with wifi support. It is capable of velocity and position with user programmable settings for accelerations, decelerations and maximum speeds for desired performance. It is also capable of Virtual Set interfacing via Serial or Ethernet for feedback positional information.

It also supports lenses without gearing. A variety of lens gear rings are available to match any lens ring diameter. Custom rings are also available upon request.

Not all drives are necessary for all applications, some applications only require Zoom or Focus; because of this we created a modular design and only required components may be purchased.

Order Info

Model Description Model Number
Lens Motor (One needed for each axis) ULM
Lens Driver Box (Only one needed) ULD
Lens Driver Plate (15mm Rod Kit) ULP

Lens Ring/Gear Adapters
Model Description Model Number
Lens Motor Gear 0.8 Module LMR-0.8MM
Lens Gear Ring 63mm LGR-63MM
Lens Gear Ring 70mm LGR-70MM
Lens Gear Ring 71mm LGR-71MM
Lens Gear Ring 73mm LGR-73MM
Lens Gear Ring 76mm LGR-76MM
Lens Gear Ring 90mm LGR-90MM


»» Zoom, Focus, Iris & extender control
»» Full servo system with user Acceleration, Deceleration and Speed settings
»» Emulates Canon, Fujinon Serial(RS232/422) and Analog Teleconference) interfaces
»» Virtual Set interface capable
»» Gear Ring modules for most lenses
»» Network Ethernet interface for Future Droid and iPhone apps
»» 15mm Rod Compatible


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Universal Lens Driver