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Camera  Track  System

Camera Track System



Telemetrics Camera Track Systems provide smooth operating variable speed and are Servo control compatible with Telemetrics pan/tilt mechanisms and controllers. Track is made of lightweight aluminum. The systems offer preset position storage and motion recall.

Available in straight or curved configurations with adjustable ceiling and wall mounting brackets. Plus flexible options for custom lengths and curve sections. Usable in “H” configuration for overhead X-Y positioning. Can be interfaced with the ECM-PT-S2 Extendable Camera Mount for camera elevation positioning.


  • Smooth operating variable speed
  • Servo Controlled
  • Programmable timed presets start and stop all axes Simultaneously
  • Lightweight Aluminum Track
  • In-line Cable Trolleys or companion Cable Track
  • Upright or Inverted mounting
  • Straight or Curved Configurations
  • Direct drive trolley


Input Voltage: 0-24VDC
End Stops: Adjustable
Min. Speed: .045 ft/sec
Max. Speed: .467 ft/sec (High Speed Option available, 1.58ft/sec)
Trolley Load: 50 lbs.
Track - 1 lb/ft Trolley - 6 lbs (not including P/T Head)


Watch Video of Telemetrics CTS

Telemetrics CTS Demo


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