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DS Device Server-Ethernet

DS Device Server-Ethernet

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The Telemetrics DS-4 allows any of the Telemetrics serial control panels and robotic devices to communicate with each other through ethernet networks. Up to 4 serial devices can be interconnected with RS-232/422 jumper selectable data inputs. Integration of the Telemetrics products with the ethernet and IP network technology provides point to point service connection.


  • Ready indicators for several transmit/receive ports
  • RS232/422 switch selectable
  • Eight switch selectable system configurations
  • Eight switch selectable IP addresses
  • Connects 4 serial devices


Power: Input: 5VDC
Power: Consumption: 1 Watt Max
Power: AC adapter included
Environmental: Operating: 41° to 122° F (5° to 50° C)
Environmental: Storage: -40° to 151° F (-40° to 66° C)
Dimensions: 3.6” L x 7.4”W x 1.7”H

Serial Interface
RS-232/422 (Jumper Selectable)
Data Rates: 300 to 38.4 Kbps
Characters: 7 or 8 Data bits
Parity: Odd, even, none
Stop Bits: 1
Cable Length: TIA/EIA-422 can work up to 4000 feet using a low capacitance twisted cable. TIA-232-F can work up to distance of 50 feet using a low capacitance twisted cable
Example Cable: 9729 Multi-Conductor - Shielded Twisted Pair Cable

Network Interface
Interface: Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX RJ45 Connector
Standards: TCP/IP
Cable Length: IEEE 802.3 can work to 300FT using a low capacitance CAT5 twisted cable
Example Cable: 1583A Multi-Conductor - Category 5e Nonbonded-Pair Cable

Specifications and features subject to change without notice


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