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LP Pan/Tilt Head

LP Pan/Tilt Head

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The Telemetrics PT-LP-S4 is a precision pan/tilt head with smooth variable operating speed. Heavy duty bearings and motors with isolation mounts provide steady and quiet operation. Manual smooth motion is accomplished using digital servo controls. The unit is controlled through serial data using RS-232, RS-422 or Ethernet. Two hundred and fifty-five presets are available, memorizing pan, tilt, zoom, focus, track/televator, dolly, iris and master pedestal.* An optional camera control feature is available for certain cameras. The lens connector provides direct connection and interface to lens functions. Tally connector is provided to interface with optional Tally box (PT-LP-TL and PT-LP-TL12) and deliver video and power to a teleprompter. Extender/CC connector provides lens extender and contact closure interface. Optional video and power for a confidence monitor are provided through the same connector. The internal cable management system provides cable connections at the base of the pan/tilt to ease cable installation and operation. The PT-LP-S4 receives power from the PS-RM-48V Rack Mount Power Supply. A powerful DC-DC converter at the base of the Pan/Tilt head converts 48V to appropriate voltage levels for the head, auxiliary robotics devices, camera, lens, viewfinder, optional teleprompter and confidence monitor. Manual control option with adjustable drag without requiring power from the Pan/Tilt head is also available.

*Available only with camera control option.


  • Smooth slow or high speed “Camera Operator” like moves.
  • Programmable timed presets.
  • Serial camera control interface for most Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, JVC and Hitachi cameras.
  • Camera power option.
  • Aux Controls interface for optional Trolley, Elevating Pedestal, Elevating Wall Mount.
  • Optional teleprompter mounting (consult factory).
  • Teleprompter power option.
  • Cable management system.
  • Serial control through RS-232, RS-422, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.
  • More power delivered at longer distances (see PS-RM-48V Datasheet for details).²
  • Enough teleprompter power to operate large screen, high brightness teleprompters (80 W).²
  • Video and power for confidence monitor (optional).²

  • ² New feature


Model Number Model Description
LP Virtual Studio Option
LP Teleprompter & External Monitor Power
MA Confidence Monitor Mount
Tally Light with Adjustment (A)
Cable S4 Prompt/Tally-12V


Pan Travel (Max): 340° w/endstops (360° without end-stops)
Tilt Travel (Max): ±170° (+15 °, -10° with teleprompter)
End Stop Resolution:Electronic: Smooth Stop
Velocity (Min/Max)
Pan 0.01º - 25º/sec; Tilt 0.01º - 25º/sec
Pan 0.01º - 55º/sec; Tilt 0.01º - 55º/sec
(PTO-LP-S4-HS, 37 dB)*

Stopping Accuracy: ± 3 arc minutes/0.05°
Acceleration: 60º/sec.² (PTO-LP-S4-HS) *
Audible Noise: 31 dB(A) max, IEC free field
Operating Modes: 32 Bit Velocity and Positional Servo Control Preset Position with Multi-axis convergence
Dynamic Load: 67 lbs. (30 kg) load on center of mass
Weight: 31 lbs. (14 kg)
Input Voltage: 38-53 VDC
Max Input Current: 6.8 A max
Input Power Connector: 7-pin Male XLR
Camera Power: 40 W (13.5 VDC, 3 A max)
Teleprompter Power (opt.): 80 W (13.5 VDC, 6 A max)
Conf. Monitor Power (opt.): 40 W (13.5 VDC, 3 A max)
Compatible Cameras: All GVG (Serial)

*Velocity and acceleration are load dependant.
Specifications and features are subject to change without notice


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