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LP Servo Pan/Tilt Head – PT-HP-S5

LP Servo Pan/Tilt Head – PT-HP-S5



The new PT-HP-S5 robotic pan tilt head is the latest evolution of the widely successful PT-HP-S4 series and represents the 5th generation of robotic camera systems from the award winning Engineering team at Telemetrics, which has more than 100 years combined experience in the broadcast industry. The new S5 line includes Telemetrics advanced servo technology enabling higher payloads and smooth, quiet on-air operation delivering breath-taking results.

Our new design enables quick, easy, and accurate setup and commissioning. The S5 line can automatically detect and warn when load balancing and power issues are detected — preventing costly down time. The revolutionary new construction and streamlined design enables greater max payloads and a tremendously stable and reliable platform.

The S5 head is perfectly suited for studio applications where weight payloads of up to 40 pounds are required. The PT-HP-S5 supports mounting prompters, camera, lens, tally, and count down clocks all through our integrated cable management feature. Perfect for rigs configurations of box-cameras and small teleprompters, or ENG cameras.


  • Full integral servo with support for key-frame motion and on-the-fly motion time changes.
  • High load capacity up to 40 lbs.
  • Fast and quiet, up to 100 deg/sec
  • LED status indicators for power & health.
  • Local buttons to drive any axis and set soft-limits.
  • Embedded red & green tally
  • Web app for: simple control, configuration, and health monitoring.
  • Clean cable management
  • Embedded network switch with 3x network ports
  • 4K Ready with embedded fiber through head.


Pan Travel (Max): +-360° w/endstop (720° without end-stops)
Tilt Travel (Max): +180° -180° ** (+25°, -15° with teleprompter)**
End Stop Resolution: Electronic smooth stop
Velocity (Min/Max): Pan 0.01º - 100º/sec; Tilt 0.01º - 100º/sec*
Stopping Accuracy: 60arc sec (0.016º)
Position Resolution: 5,625 mil counts per 360º (23-bit)
Acceleration: 90º/sec.2 *
Audible Noise: 31 dB(A) max, IEC free field at velocity 60º/sec
Operating Modes: Velocity, position cut & fade w/convergence, motion key frame
Payload: 40 lbs. (18kg) load on center of mass
Weight: 29 lbs.(13kg)
Power In: 38-53 VDC (10A max)
Input Power Connector: 7-pin male XLR
Camera Power Output: 60W (15 VDC, 4A max)
Temperature Range: Operating: 4 to 50ºC (40 to120ºF) Storage: -30 to + 60ºC (-22 to 140)
Tally: Red & green integrated & output IO support
Compatible Lenses: Analog teleconference & digi full servo lenses
Camera Direct Control of CCU function: Most broadcast manufacturer cameras and
models. (Contact Telemetrics for f ull list of supported models)

* *Dependent on equipment make and model
Specifications and features subject to change without notice


Auxiliary Axis
CA- TAL-CSM-S5-048
CA- TAL-AS-S5-048
Tally light with brightness adjustment
TG4 trolly, TG4M trolly, EP6M Televator, EP7 Televator
Adapter plate EP7 to PT
Cable LP-S5 TM tally
Cable LP-S5 CSM tally
Cable S5 AUTOSC tally
Cable LP-S4 PROLINE tally


DownloadPDFfile Click on titles to download configuration in pdf format.