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Pan/Tilt Fiber System - FTS-BS, FTS-FBA-VCG

Pan/Tilt Fiber System - FTS-BS, FTS-FBA-VCG

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The Pan/Tilt Fiber System provides fiber connectivity to robotics Pan/Tilt heads such as PT-RM-1, PT-CP-S4, PT-HP-S4, and PT-LP-S4. The system supports Ethernet control, HD/SD SDI video, and Genlock functions via duplex single-mode fiber optic cable. One of the fibers is used for Ethernet, and the other for video/genlock transmission. Wave Division Multiplexing is used to separate the signals. Various fiber optic cables terminated with LC connectors can be used, depending on specific customer requirements. For demanding applications where a reliable, ruggedized and dirt protected connection is required, opticalCON cables from Neutrik can be used. The cables feature rugged, all metal heavy duty connectors with reliable push-pull locking mechanisms. In addition to being much more flexible, lighter and cost effective than SMPTE 311M cables, the opticalCON low voltage hybrid cable can deliver up to 290W of power to the Pan/Tilt head.

The Pan/Tilt Fiber system consists of the following system components:

  • Fiber Base Station
  • Fiber Base Station Module
  • Plug-in Fiber Module for PT-RM-1 Pan/Tilt Head
  • Fiber Adapter for PT-CP-S4, PT-HP-S4, and PT-LP-S4 Pan/Tilt Heads

The Fiber Base Station is a rack-mountable unit, which occupies one rack unit space and can house four Fiber Modules. Each Fiber Module provides connectivity to one Pan/Tilt head. Thus one FTS-BS Fiber Base Station can serve up to four Pan/Tilt heads.


  • Provides optical link to robotics P/T heads
  • Provides power to P/T head over opticalCON DUO hybrid cable
  • Transports Ethernet control, 3G/HD/SD SDI camera video and Genlock over duplex single-mode fiber optic cable
  • Supports SDI data rates from 143 Mb/s to 2.97 Gb/s - auto-selectable
  • Supports SD bi-level and HD tri-level Genlock
  • Operating Distance 1km


Ethernet Standards: Cooper: 100 Base-TX
Fiber: 100 Base-FX

Video Standards (auto-selectable):
SD SDI: SMPTE 259M 270 Mb/s
HD SDI: SMPTE 292M 1.5 Gb/s
3G SDI: SMPTE 424M 3.0 Gb/s

SD Sync: NTSC or PAL black burst bi-level, 300 mV
HD Sync: SMPTE 274 M, 296 M tri-level, 600 mV p-p

Operating Distance:
1 km over 9/125 μm single-mode optical fiber

6.5 lbs (FTS-FBA-VCG)


Model Description Model Number
PT-RM Fiber Base Station*
PT-RM Fiber BS Module**
PT-RM-1 Fiber Option
Pan/Tilt Head Fiber Adapter
Opticon Cable Duo Chassis***
Opticon Cable Fiber Single Mode
Opticon Cable Power

* Fiber module not included
** Order one module per camera
***X represents quantity per box (up to 4 per box set)


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Pan/Tilt Fiber System - FTS-BS, FTS-FBA-VCG