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Remote Camera Control Panel Advanced - RCCP-1A

Remote Camera Control Panel Advanced - RCCP-1A

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The RCCP-1A Robotic Camera Control Panel is a new “Advanced” version of the popular RCCP-1 from Telemetrics. More powerful than its predecessor, the RCCP1A provides additional power for playback of complex keyframe based moves, while still providing all the camera shading and control of peripheral devices that users have come to expect. The panel includes additional keys, which are programmable for quick access to frequently used functions, and a new interactive timing control provides variable speed playback of keyframed moves. The RCCP-1A provides more camera storage, more dynamic camera moves and more points of view.


  • Advanced version of the RCCP-1, providing additional features for higher end installations, including variable time control for playback of keyframed moves.
  • Powerful, unified remote control of camera robotics and camera shading.
  • Fast, intuitive touchscreen interface; tilting 5.7 inch display.
  • Six Hot Keys for quick access to frequently used functions.
  • Single axis proportional control pan/tilt/zoom joystick.
  • XY proportional control mini joystick for Televator/ trolley operation.
  • Dedicated focus knob; speed select thumbwheel.
  • Dedicated knobs for Iris and Master Pedestal.
  • Supports most broadcast cameras without requiring a separate CCU, including Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic, Sony, and Telemetrics.
  • Operates an unlimited number of cameras.
  • Saves an unlimited number of shots and motion shots, including pan/tilt/ zoom/elevator/trolley moves.
  • Upgraded capabilities available with the Telemetrics Studio Software, Legislative package, multi-panel networking, enterprise database and dedicated camera shader panel.


Cameras/Presets: (16) Dual Illumination key buttons (6) Illumination hot keys
User LCD Key Buttons
: (6) 64x32 Dynamic Display keys
Proportional Interface Control: (1) LCD Display with integrated resistive touch;
5.7in VGA 640x480, 400nits
(8) Optical encoders with push button
(1) Main Joystick: control of pan, tilt, zoom with integrated button. Button function is user selectable.
(1) Select Thumb wheel with integrated button action
(1) Focus Wheel
(1) Programmable Rocker
(1) Mini Joystick: control of trolley, H Track, or Televator trackpad
Interfaces: (2) Ethernet 10/100 Mbps / 1Gbps dual RJ45 Connector
(1) 10/100Mbps (Backup) Ethernet RJ45 Connector
(4) USB 2.0 Ports
(2) USB 3.0 Ports
(1) VGA Video - HD15
(1) HDMI Video Port
8 GPI Output
Tally: GPI Input (16)
Switcher Protocol (Consult Factory)

Power: Power Adapter (included)
115 VAC-230VAC / 12VDC, 65W

Overall Dimensions: 17” W x 8 3/4” D x 3 15/16” H
(Cabinet with touchscreen recessed)
Net Weight: 9.9 lbs.

Operating Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Specifications and features subject to change without notice

Controlled Devices
PTZ Integrated Cameras: Canon: BU-45 / BU-47 / XU81
Panasonic: AW-HE50 / AW-HE60 / AW-HE100 / AW-HE120
Sony: BRC-Z330 / BRC-H700, BRC-Z700 / BRC-H900
Pan/Tilt Heads: Panasonic: AW-PH360 / AW-PH400 / AW-405 / AW-PH650
Telemetrics: All Models

Cameras: Hitachi: All RC-Z3 controlled cameras
JVC: All GY types
Ikegami: HDL-45 / HDL-50 / HDL-51 (U4 Series)
Grassvalley: LDX Compact
Panasonic: AWE Series / AK-HC Series / HPX Series
Sony: All 700 controlled cameras
Telemetrics: HDSC-1

Video Switcher: Black Magic Videohub family
Harris Panacea (RS232)
Jupiter CM-4000
Ross GVG4000

Automation: Broadcast Pix (Shots)
Grass Valley


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Remote Camera Control Panel Advanced - RCCP-1A