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Robotic Camera Control Panel

Robotic Camera Control Panel



Telemetrics is pleased to present a substantial extension to the RCCP-1 remote camera control panel. The RCCPO-1-STS requires the RCCP-1 panel, the studio software package includes a 22-inch diagonal touchscreen that enables one- or two-person operation. Thanks to unified control for camera robotics and camera shading, the system enables you to provide more camera coverage, more dynamic camera moves and more points of view—all at low cost. You can even access the deep-menu controls of broadcast cameras without purchasing camera control units or paint boxes. The RCCPO-1-STS also enables you to store multiple shows, each with its own unique inventory of shots. Elevate your productions without increasing your budget, with the Telemetrics® RCCPO-1-STS.


  • Unified remote control of camera robotics and camera shading
  • 22-inch diagonal touchscreen displays preset shots as thumbnails
  • Touchscreen enables one or two-person operation
  • Live video preview
  • Integrated camera shading with access to Shutter, R/G/B Gain, R/G/B Gamma, Detail, White Balance and more (varies by camera make and model)
  • Supports most PTZ cameras including Canon, Panasonic and Sony
  • Supports selected broadcast cameras without CCUs, including Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic, Sony and Telemetrics
  • 3 Axis proportional control Pan/Tilt/Zoom joystick
  • XY proportional control mini joystick for elevator/trolley operation
  • Dedicated focus knob; speed select thumbwheel
  • Operates an unlimited number of cameras (depends on storage)
  • Saves an unlimited number of shows (depends on storage)
  • Saves an unlimited number of shots and motion shots, including pan/tilt/zoom/elevator/trolley moves (depends on storage)
  • Interface for studio automation from Broadcast Pix (shots), Grass Valley, Viz Mosart, NewTek and Ross
  • Telemetrics expansion options include enterprise database and dedicated camera shader panel


Cameras/Presets: (16) Dual Illumination key buttons
User LCD Key Buttons: (6) 64x32 Dynamic Display keys
Proportional Interface Control: (1) LCD Display with integrated resistive touch;
5.7in VGA 640x480, 400nits
(8) Optical encoders with push button
(1) Main Joystick: control of pan, tilt, zoom with integrated button. Button function is user selectable.
(1) Select Thumb wheel with integrated button action
(1) Focus Wheel
(1) Mini Joystick: control of trolley, H Track, or Televator trackpad
Interfaces: (2) Ethernet 10/100 Mbps / 1Gbps dual RJ45 Connector
(1) 10/100Mbps (Backup) Ethernet RJ45 Connector
(5) USB 2.0 Ports
(1) RS232 Port 9 pin D
(1) VGA Video - HD15
910 25PIN D Connector - GPIO 16 Inputs/ 8 GPI Outputs
Power: Power Adapter (included)
115 VAC-230VAC / 12VDC, 65W

Overall Dimensions: 17” W x 8 3/4” D x 3 15/16” H
(Cabinet with touchscreen recessed)
Net Weight: 9.9 lbs.

Operating Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
*Specifications and features subject to change without notice


DownloadPDFfileClick on titles to download configuration in pdf format.

Robotic Camera Control Panel - RCCPO-1-STS