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Robotic Camera Control Panel - Clerk (RCCP-M-Clerk)

Robotic Camera Control Panel - Clerk (RCCP-M-Clerk)

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Telemetrics Robotics Camera Control Panel - Clerk (RCCP-M-Clerk) is a compact, easy to use broadcast control panel that allows nontechnical users to control Chamber broadcast output.

The control panel can be configured to feature a different graphical room layout on the control panel screen for each specific room. The panel provides the control tools to enable or disable the various output signals when necessary, as well as allow visual monitoring of the final program output on the panel.

Within each of the Chamber rooms of a building, the Clerk panel is operational when the Telemetrics PTZ camera systems are taken out of STAND-BY mode at the start of each day. The STAND-BY mode control will only be carried out via the Telemetrics RCCP-1 by use of the TAKE and RE-CONFIRM touch buttons on the Clerk panel. This prevents accidental entry back to STAND-BY mode. Each control room features a fully featured Telemetrics RCCP-1 control panel as well as a Clerk panel.


  • Easy and intuitive set up, perfect for non-technical users.
  • Intuitive 10.4-inch color touch screen interface for full camera image controls
    and scene presets.
  • Simple plug and play configuration - Auto sensing operation.
  • Universal support of Telemetrics and all other major PTZs.
  • Live video program.
  • Tally indicator alerts staff of "on-air" operation.
  • Off-Air Visual Indicator alerts staff to start broadcast.
  • House Status Menu offers still images with informational text display for accurate device control and error-free system configuration.