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Robotic Camera Control Panel Software - RCCPO-1-LGS

Robotic Camera Control Panel Software - RCCPO-1-LGS

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The Telemetrics LGS live production automation platform is the perfect tool to help enable high quality video content while decreasing the OPEX typically associated with live production creation.

The system combines control for robotic camera pan/tilt/zoom/elevator/trolley, plus comprehensive camera shading, along with interfaces to the legislative conference system, an outboard production switcher and an outboard character generator. In this way, you can achieve stunning on-air results with a single operator. The system can display your specific legislative seating chart on the touch screen GUI, which enables up to 8 cameras to automatically pan, tilt and zoom to frame the active speaker. For example:

When a speaker Representative Jane Doe of District 12 rises to speak, the system can automatically switch to Doe’s microphone, frame Doe properly in wide and tight shots and provide her lower-third graphics. This action can be triggered from the touch screen or the conference mic system. Any number of shots and legislative sessions can all be stored in memory for instant recall.

Best of all the system runs on the widely successful RCCP-1 control panel platform. No additional hardware is required. Facilities can opt for a phased implementation, purchasing a control panel and robotics during phase 1, and migrate to add LGS at a later date without the need for additional hardware – One future proof platform to meet any production requirement.

Telemetrics automation is also perfectly suited for corporate communication applications. The advent of smart phones and tablet technology has forever changed the viewing landscape for billions of consumers worldwide. This second screen revolution has ignited enormous demand for video content to be easily accessible for both live and on-demand distribution across multiple platforms such as the traditional over the air, internet on-demand like ROKU and HULU, and social media platforms, just to name a few. The outcome of this has propelled companies to consider how best to communicate their message via video while minimizing the cost of creating live productions. This product is ideal for enabling the dynamic creation of both internal and external high quality video content. New product announcements and quarterly earnings presentations to investors are just a few of the ways in which LGS can enrich your current corporate communication strategy.


  • Customizable automation software for Legislative and Corporate meetings enabling a single Director to produce:
    TIGHTER, CLEANER, MORE CONSISTANT, and HIGHER QUALITY Video Productions with a significant ROI.
  • Flexible control platform for fully and semi automated workflows including the ability to conduct breakaway manual operation.
  • Intuitive operation enabling convergent control of an extensive 3rd party device list such as:
    • Robotics – Pan, tilt, pedestal, and dolly eliminating the need for camera operators.
    • Camera – Focus, Iris, and full CCU control eliminating the need for a camera shader.
    • Production Switcher - Preview, cut transitions and keying eliminating the need for a TD.
    • Character Generator - Graphics page recalls eliminating the need for a graphics operator.
    • Conference Microphone System – Automated mic seat
  • One-touch seats provide instant shot, camera and graphic page recall automation via a dynamic seating chart touch screen user interface.
  • Event triggers enabling automated routing to setup video & audio to a control room.
  • Prioritized camera assignment routes best camera to preview
  • Powerful SQL data storage provides redundancy and real-time synchronization of all cameras and across multiple control panels in both a local and wide area network deployment.


User Keys: (16) Dual Illumination key buttons
User LCD Key Buttons
: (6) 64x32 Dynamic Display keys
Proportional Interface Control: (1) LCD Display with integrated resistive touch;
5.7in VGA 640x480, 400nits
(8) Optical encoders with push button
(1) Main Joystick: control of pan, tilt, zoom with integrated button
(1) Select Thumbwheel with integrated button action
(1) Programmable Rocker
(1) Focus Wheel
(1) Mini Joystick: control of trolley, H Track, or Televator trackpad
Interfaces: (2) Ethernet 10/100 Mbps / 1Gbps dual RJ45 Connector
(1) 10/100Mbps (Backup) Ethernet RJ45 Connector
(5) USB 2.0 Ports
(1) RS232 Port 9 pin D
(1) VGA Video - HD15
25 GPIO (16 input, 8 output)

Power: Power Adapter (included)
115 VAC-230VAC / 12VDC, 65W

Overall Dimensions: 17” W x 8 3/4” D x 3 15/16” H
(cabinet with touchscreen recessed)
Net Weight: 9.9 lbs.

Operating Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
*Specifications and features subject to change without notice

Controlled Devices
Pan Tilts: Telemetrics: All Models
Cameras: Grassvalley: LDX Compact
Hitachi: All RC-Z3 controlled cameras
JVC: All GY types
Ikegami: HDL-45 / HDL-50 / HDL-51 (U4 Series)
Panasonic: AWE Series / AK-HC Series / HPX Series
Sony: All 700 controlled cameras
Telemetrics: RoboEye / HDSC-1

Video Switches: Black Magic Videohub family (ethernet), Harris Panacea (RS232),Jupiter CM-4000 (RS232), Ross GVG100 Vision (ethernet), Ross GVG100 Carbonite (ethernet), BroadcastPix (ethernet), Harris LRC (ethernet), Evertz Quartz (ethernet), Sony DFS-800 (Serial), Nvision (ethernet), Aja Kumo (ethernet), GVG Karrera
Character Generators: Broadcast Pix
Ross Crossover/Carbonite/Vision (GVG100)
Harris Platinum (LRC)
Microphone Systems: Taiden
Danish Interpretation System
Autotracking: Telemetrics APTS


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Robotic Camera Control Panel Software - RCCPO-1-LGS