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TeleGlide Track System

TeleGlide Track System



TV studios already rely on the Telemetrics TG4 TeleGlide camera track system to deliver amazingly creative shots, greater flexibility, reduced operating costs and better space efficiency. Now Telemetrics is proud to offer these benefits in a more compact, more cost-effective version. Presenting the TG4M. Able to fit on floors and ceilings where space is even more constrained, the TG4M brings the benefits of our TeleGlide camera tracks to a whole new range of applications in broadcasting, conference rooms, education, worship and government. As you would expect, the TG4M retains many of the advantages of the TG4, including flexible configurations of Straight, C, S or L-shaped tracks; floor or ceiling mount; 32-bit velocity and position accuracy; plus meticulous engineering for the smooth, quiet operation that our customers require.



  • Freely accommodates straight, C, S or L-shaped tracks on ceilings or floors
  • Compact, 10-inch track width
  • Advanced composite wheels for ultra-smooth, near-silent motion
  • Supports loads up to 200 lb. (90 kg)
  • Works where conventional camera dollies won’t, including uneven floors
  • 32-bit velocity and position encoding for incredibly smooth acceleration and deceleration, plus precise repeatability
  • Virtual set ready
  • Accommodates all Telemetrics pan/tilt heads as well as pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  • Enables coordinated trolley/pan/tilt/zoom moves in an all-Telemetrics system
  • Smooth, integral cable management
  • Field expandable/upgradable

Ordering Info

Description Model #
Track Floor Mount TG4M-FTK-XXX*
Track Ceiling Mount TG4M-CTK-XXX*
TeleGlide Trolley Floor TG4M-TRO-F
TeleGlide Trolley Ceiling TG4M-TRO-C
TeleGlide Trolley Collision Avoidance TG4M-TRO-CA
Cable Management System Floor TG-ACT
Cable Management System Ceiling TG-CCT

XXX = 000-499: a straight track with XXX-feet
XXX = 500-999: a track with custom bends


Track Dimensions: 17.00” (431mm) W x 5.80” (147mm) H
Track Weight: 11.5 lbs/ft (5.2 Kg)
Track Min. Radius 6.5’ (to Center Line)
Acceleration1 ft/s² (0.3 m/s²)
Trolley Dimensions
: 18.92” (481mm) L x 15.90” (404mm) W x 10.41” (265mm) H
Trolley Weight: 55lbs (25.0 Kg)
Trolley Load: 200lbs (90.7 Kg)
Servo: 32 Bit Velocity and Positional Servo
Power Requirements: 48V DC, 3A (6A peak)
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 45ºC (32ºF to 113ºF)


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