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TeleGlide Track System - TG4

TeleGlide Track System - TG4

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The TG4 is the latest addition to the TeleGlide family of Camera Track Systems to accommodate curve track requirements for television studio, conference room, sports and house of worship applications. Tracks can be bent down to a sharp radius. The TG4 features a redesigned, streamlined trolley and track, which minimizes space requirements. This new design has created a new product that can operate more effectively at a more affordable price. The TG4 track frame is constructed of easily assembled light-weight aluminum components. The Triple Balance System provides for increased stability and can be floor or ceiling mounted. Like the original TeleGlide system, the TG4 is fully servo controlled, providing accurate preset positioning and repeatable motion. The TG4 track system is compatible with all Telemetrics Pan/ Tilt Heads, Extendable Camera Mounts, Telescoping Camera Mounts and Control Systems. Custom track lengths and cable management systems are available.


  • Advanced composite wheels for ultra smooth motion
  • Trapezoid design for absolute wobble elimination
  • Continual auto track-trolley alignment (something no one else has!)
  • Level floor not critical
  • Simple installation
  • Field upgradable
  • May be configured in Straight, C, S or L shaped tracks
  • Ultra quiet even at high speeds
  • Smooth transitions between track sections

Ordering Info

Description Model #
Track Floor Mount TG4-FTK-XXX*
Track Ceiling Mount TG4-CTK-XXX*
TeleGlide Trolley Floor TG4-TRO-F
TeleGlide Trolley Ceiling TG4-TRO-C
TeleGlide Trolley Collision Avoidance TGO-TRO-CA
Cable Management System Floor TG-ACT
Cable Management System Ceiling TG-CCT

XXX = 000-499: a straight track with XXX-feet
XXX = 500-999: a track with custom bends


Track Dimensions: 20.0” (508.00 mm) W x 6.80” (73.00 mm) H
Track Weight: 11.5 lbs/ft
Track Min. Radius 6.5’ (to Center Line)
Acceleration1 ft/s2 (0.3 m/s2)
Trolley Dimensions
: 35” (887mm) L x 25.7” (652mm) W x 11” (282mm) H
Trolley Weight: 70lbs
Trolley Load: 300lbs
Servo: 32 Bit Velocity and Positional Servo
Power Requirements: 48V DC, 3A (6A peak)
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 45ºC (32ºF to 113ºF)


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Watch Video of Telemetrics TG4 Floor Mount

Watch Video of Telemetrics TG4 Ceiling Mount