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Robotics System FAQ

Questions To Ask When Designing Your Robotics System

  1. Make, model and quantity of the camera to be used.

  2. Will the cameras CCU be used or shall the Telemetrics system, power and pass camera CCU functions to the camera?

  3. Model of camera control panel? (RCU, ROP)

  4. Make and model of the lens. (We prefer Teleconferencing type.)

  5. Method of mounting P&T head; Wall, Ceiling, Shelf, Tripod, Televator, Elevating Wall Mount and Elevating Ceiling Mount.

  6. Teleprompter required? Model?

  7. Tally required? Specify type of tally system.

  8. Length of track. Curved section? (if applicable.)

  9. Specify number of feet of straight track before and after curved section. Provide architectural drawings.

  10. Distance from each pan and tilt head to the control room?

  11. Number of control locations?

  12. Type of control panel; desktop, rack mount,computer/touch screen?

  13. Type of communication; Fiber, network, modem, RS-232/422?

  14. Provide a brief description of the systems requirement and drawings.

  15. Estimated date of purchase order?

  16. Estimated delivery date / installation?

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