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System Drawings - Coax/Fiber Camera Adapters

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  1. Coax-Fiber.jpgDual Coax Configuration

    This drawing depicts the simplest configuration of our Coax-Fiber System. In it, a coaxial cable supplies power to the camera as well as conveying signals such as return video, return audio, intercom, tally, program audio and camera control. A second coaxial cable supplies HD-SDI video to the customer’s switcher. The maximum distance to the camera in this instance is dictated by the coaxial cable manufacturer’s specification for HD-SDI video transmission. Belden specifies 308 feet for RG-59/U and 546 feet for RG-11/U. Although we have depicted a Panasonic camera and control panel, the system will work just as well with almost any Sony or JVC ENG camera.

  2. 1-Camera-Fiber.jpgSingle Camera Fiber Configuration

    For applications that require distances of over 546 feet, Telemetrics offers a fiber solution that utilizes OpticalCon Connectors. The fiber cable plugs into the optional OpticalCon connector on the camera adapter. On the other end, the cable is connected to the fiber receiver by way an inexpensive patch bay. Converted back to electrical HD-SDI, the signal is then fed to the switcher. The maximum distance is determined by the power required by the camera. In this instance where the Panasonic AG-HPX-370 draws 19 watts, we can power and control the camera a distance of 3,000 feet.

  3. Coax-Fiber-4-Camera-Fiber-with-PC-Telesoft-Config.jpgFour Camera Fiber Configuration w/PC Telesoft

    In this 4-camera system, we replace the 4 Panasonic control panels with an inexpensive camera control software package named the PC-Telesoft that would operate on the customer’s computer. Our software emulates all the functions supported by the Panasonic control panel (or any other manutfacturer’s), saving thousands of dollars in the cost of the system. The Telemetrics Fiber Receiver can be populated with 3 additional cards to handle a total of 4 channels.