The Telemetrics TeleGlide®and CTS family of modular camera rail and flexible track systems and OmniGlideTM Roving Pedestal offer smooth, vibration-free camera moves that get your productions noticed and keeps viewers coming back for more. From curved and straight rails to custom designed systems, Telemetrics engineering keeps you on the right track no matter how you want to use it.
OmniGlide (RRP-1)
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Multiple Modes of Operation
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Advanced Mechatronics Technology

The patent pending OmniGlideTM Roving Platform features a unique orbital system which offers the freedom of motion without limits. This provides ultra-smooth and continual motion through direction changes and along curved paths. It allows an operator to easily create dynamic moves such as crabbing or spinning on a dime without losing camera orientation.

In Robotic-Mode an operator can use a remote control to move the robotic platform in any of the following methods: Joystick Control in a XY-Plane, Point to Point timed and synchronized preset positions, Key Frame motion through multiple points, record and playback motion, as well as Autonomous reFrame motion.  Manual-Mode control on the OmniGlide is designed to be cooperative with humans by aiding local operation. The internal motor can assist an operator in any motion on any axis. Manual handles with ergonomic placement of control allows anyone to operate the OmniGlide locally with minimal effort.

High-end XY-plane scanners sense floor obstructions within a 16foot(5M) radius with quick response and high resolution. These sensors are used for collision avoidance, pending obstruction warning, home positioning and calibration, and auto-orientation compensation.

Key Mechatronic features include an in-house developed real-time servo system for optimal control and advanced capabilities as well as fully redundant electronics and electronic communications. Self-fault monitoring, auto disable, an ultra-rigid chassis and provide support to our full line of column actuators offering easy installation with a detachable rear panel. The Mechatronic technology provides a customizable experience from the input joystick axis to the full spectrum of RGB colors available to light the way.

Teleglide (TG-4)
  • Advanced composite wheels for ultra smooth motion
  • Continual auto track-trolley alignment
  • Floor tracks with built-in Leveling Adjustment
  • Can be configured in straight, C, S or L-shaped tracks

Ultra-quiet, even at high speeds, the TeleGlide® TG4 is the fourth generation Camera Track System from Telemetrics to accommodate curve track requirements for television studio, conference room, sports and house of worship applications. The complete system features floor tracks with smooth transitions between sections with built-in Leveling capability. The system’s trapezoid design eliminates the dreaded “image wobble.”

Easy to install, the TG4 features a streamlined trolley and track design, which requires minimal space. The field-upgradeable TG4 track frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum components, making it easy to set it and tear down. A Triple Balance System provides for increased stability and the tracks can be mounted to the floor or ceiling. The TG4 is fully servo controlled, providing accurate preset positioning and repeatable motion. It’s also compatible with all Telemetrics Pan/Tilt Heads, Extendable Camera Mounts, Telescoping Camera Mounts and Control Systems. Custom track lengths and cable management systems are available upon request.

Teleglide (TG-4M)
  • Compact, 10” track width
  • Accommodates straight, C, S or L-shaped tracks on ceilings
  • Advanced composite wheels for ultra-smooth, near silent motion
  • Field expandable/upgradeable

The TG4M TeleGlide Track System is a more compact and cost-effective version of the gold standard Telemetrics TG4 System. It too can be installed on floors and ceilings where space is constrained, such as in broadcasting, conference rooms, education, worship and government operations. The TG4M offers flexible configurations of Straight, C, S or L-shaped tracks; floor or ceiling mount; 32-bit velocity and positional accuracy.  The robust track system features 32-bit velocity and position encoding for smooth acceleration and deceleration, as well as precise repeatability. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including virtual sets and augmented reality environments.

Camera Track System (CTS)
  • Upright or Inverted Mounting
  • Servo Controlled, Smooth Operating Speed
  • Programmable Presets Start/Stop all Axes
  • Lightweight Aluminum Track
  • In-line Cable Trolleys or Comparison Cable Track
  • Direct Drive Trolley

Designed for applications ranging from broadcast and digital cinematography to virtual sets and medical training, the lightweight aluminum CTS-S2 Robotic Camera Track System track system offers preset position storage and motion recall. 

  • OmniGlide
  • Freedom of Motion
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Virtual set ready
    Robotic and Manual Modes
  • Perfect for: studios,
    high end applications.
  • Teleglide
  • Best on Air
  • Quiet and smooth, up to 3 ft/sec
    Virtual set ready
    Floor or ceiling
  • Perfect for: studios,
    high end applications.
  • Teleglide
  • Medium On Air
  • Quiet and smooth, up to 3 ft/sec
    Small and compact
    Floor or ceiling
  • Perfect for: studios,
    high end government and corporate.
  • Camera Track
  • Positioning
  • Easy setup and takedown
    Quiet and Smooth
  • Perfect for: education
    and house of worship applications.