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Posted by Telemetrics Marketing | August 8, 2019
BX1 Successfully Reinvents Its On-air Look With Telemetrics Robotics
BX1 is a regional television channel based in Brussels that produces more than 25 hours of original programming per week. This includes 30-minuite and hour-long shows dedicated to News, Sports,...
Posted by Telemetrics Marketing | August 8, 2019
Telemetrics Robotics Help Streamteam Interview Players In Studio That Aren’t Really There
Finnish ice hockey fans are being treated to a new type of sports show that incorporates the latest virtual studio (VS) and remotely controlled robotic camera technology in order to...
Posted by Telemetrics Marketing | June 3, 2019
Telemetrics Automatic Shot Correction Now Compatible with TeleGlide™ Family of Camera Tracks And Trolley Systems
ReFrameTM Automatic Shot Correction Feature Found On RCCP Series Control Panels Frees Up Robotic Camera System Operators To Be More Creative Allendale, NJ (June 3, 2019) — Telemetrics has announced that...