Telemetrics offers a full line of optional accessories to complement your robotics system design and ensure success each and every time out. From specific Pan/Tilt mounting brackets that accommodate the most common box-style broadcast cameras to proven RS422 control converters that enable complete speed control of Telemetrics robotics systems and a variety of flexible mounting options, these invaluable accessories help bring your video productions to the next level.
Device Server (DS-4)
  • Allows Telemetrics serial control panels and robotic devices to communicate via IP/Ethernet networks
  • Ready Indicators for Several Transmit/Receive Ports
  • Eight RS232/422 Switch Selectable System Configurations and IP Addresses
  • Connects Four Serial Devices

The Telemetrics DS-4 allows any of the Telemetrics serial control panels and robotic devices to communicate with each other through IP/Ethernet networks. Up to four serial devices can be interconnected with RS-232/422 jumper selectable data inputs. Integration of the Telemetrics products with the Ethernet and IP network technology provides reliable point-to-point service connection.

The dedicated server features eight switch selectable system configurations, eight switch selectable IP addresses and includes the ability to connects four serial devices for virtually unlimited scalability.

Fiber Transmission System (FTS)
  • Provides optical link to robotics P/T heads
  • Provides power to P/T head over opticalCON® DUO hybrid cable
  • Transports Ethernet control, 3G/HD/SD SDI camera video and Genlock over duplex single-mode fiber optic cable
  • Supports SDI data rates from 143 Mb/s to 2.97 Gb/s (auto-selectable)

The Telemetrics FTS-BS, FTS-FBA-VCG offers power, control and flexibility is a 1RU rack-mounted fiber-optic base station that can house four fiber modules for ensuring and extending signal distribution distances up to 1 kilometer. Each Fiber Module provides connectivity to one Pan/Tilt head. Therefore, one FTS-BS Fiber Base Station can serve up to four Pan/Tilt heads.  The FTS-BS is a flexible, lightweight and cost effective hybrid cable solution in a ruggedized and dirt protected metal housing. It uses duplex single mode fiber with LC connectors (one fiber for Ethernet and the second fiber for camera video and Genlock sync, bi or tri-level signals).  The system supports Ethernet control, HD/SD SDI video, and Genlock functions via duplex single-mode fiber optic cable. Wave Division Multiplexing is used to separate the signals.

Rack-mount Redundant Power Supply (PS-RM-48-2)
  • Dual 250W or 500W Output Power
  • Active current sharing
  • Power factor correction
  • Over-current, over voltage and thermal protection

The Telemetrics model PS-RM-48-2 is a dual 48V Rack Mount Power Supply designed to provide power to Telemetrics robotics systems. It produces enough power to operate multiple 48V Pan/Tilt heads, auxiliary robotics devices such as trolley, Televator®, TeleGlide®, PTZ and broadcast cameras, large teleprompters and confidence monitors.

The PS-RM-48-2 features two DC outputs, each one capable of providing 250 W of power. If only one output on the dual model is used, it can deliver up to 500 Watts of power. If only one output is used, and the power consumption does not exceed 250 W, the dual model will operate as fully redundant power. It also provides AC, DC, and fan monitoring for highly reliable, uninterrupted performance. A unique Power Factor correction feature helps users use power more efficiently.

Pack Power Supply (PS-PACK-160W)
  • Compact Enclosure
  • Universal input
  • Input surge current and output short circuit protection
  • 7-XLR output connector compatible with Telemetrics pan/tilt heads

Telemetrics offers a wide range of Packaged P/T/Camera Power Supplies to fit a variety of applications where AC power is required.  The Telemetrics PS-Pack 160W packaged power supply is compact, fully enclosed standalone unit that provides a flexible and low-cost alternative for the powering of Telemetrics robotics systems. It provides both P/T and camera power to a single Pan/Tilt head.  Powered from 100 to 240V AC through universal IEC320/C8 power inlet, this power supply unit accepts virtually any voltage and any AC power cord around the world. PS-PACK-48 power supply is equipped with female XLR-7 connector, which plugs directly into Telemetrics pan/tilt heads. A flexible DC power cord is permanently attached to the unit, which makes it ideal for local power applications.

Confidence Monitor Mount (MA-CMM-S5)
  • Accommodates both VESA 75 and 100 monitor interfaces
  • Easy installation with hand tools
  • Industry standard design
  • Versatile design allows for both standard and inverted mounted Pan/Tilts

The Telemetrics MA-CMM Confidence Monitor Mount provides a flexible alternative for maximum functional and ergonomic monitor placement, using the VESA 75 and 100 standards. Lightweight, design mounts directly to any Telemetrics PT-LP-S4 series pan/tilt head without modification. It allows easy monitor rotation in any direction and offers increased flexibility, reach, maneuverability for various sizes of monitors, utilizing the industry standard. The standard design works in both normal and inverted pan tilt configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. All required hardware fasteners are included.

Wall Mount Bracket (MA-WMBKT)
  • Accommodates Telemetrics Pan/Tilt models
  • Easy installation with hand tools
  • Ergonomic, lightweight industry-standard design
  • Allows for both standard and inverted mounted pan tilts

The MA-WMBKT is an adjustable wall-mounting bracket to support all Telemetrics and third-party pan/tilt heads (such as those from Canon, Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, Panasonics, Ross Video, and Sony). The bracket can be ordered in two variations (Models MA-WMBKT-LP and MA-WMBKT-20B), to accommodate 20-inch extended requirements. All necessary hardware fasteners are included.

Collision Avoidance & Warning Light System (CAA)
  • Accommodates Telemetrics track systems
  • Laser Scanning Obstacle Detection
  • Universal Connectivity

Telemetrics camera support systems offer the option of automated Collision Avoidance, whereby a trolley or ceiling mounted camera can be set up to automatically avoid unwanted collisions with physical obstructions. Using newly designed 2D XY scanners/sensors, the warning light system will go on solid when the equipment is in motion and will blink if there is an obstruction. The brightness of the light is adjustable, and the scanners can be configured for up to 5 meters.

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