Telefónica Media Networks is a B2B company owned and operated by Telefónica’s LatamVideo Unit, providing pay-TV and satellite internet data services, content generation and advertising sales to companies across Latin America and the U.S. When it came time to bring a new sports news studio online in 2012, the company was facing practical matters of cost and space. Both were in short supply.

Luis Torres Candela, Engineer of the technical area of production of content for broadcast sports news for Media Networks Latin America, was tasked with converting a small production studio inside Telefónica’s headquarters in Lima, Peru, to support an increased demand for programming.  The goal was to create a totally automated production environment that could be reliably operated by a single operator.  “We had experience with Telemetrics and knew that the versatility of the robotics technology could benefit us in a number of ways,” Candela said, adding that they purchased an earlier generation Televator EP-3 remotely controlled, motorized telescoping tripod in 2012.

Telemetrics has been extremely responsive and timely to our training and service needs, which has helped improve our production efficiency.

“It resolved the issue of having to hire additional staff for the new studio and improved our production efficiency.  Most importantly, the system had been running very well since 2012. It has more than paid for itself in just a few years.”  Due to the positive effect it has had on studio operations and the fast return on investment of the equipment, Luis Torres and his team installed a new Televator EP-5, upgraded from the EP-3, in 2012.  “The replacement was very smooth and took a matter of hours to complete,” Candela said. “We were up and running with the new pedestal by the afternoon. And it has been working great ever since.”

The Telemetrics EP5 Elevating Pedestals adds desired height control to the Telemetrics Robotic Pan/Tilt product line, bringing new creativity to automated production studios. The pedestal – which is rated for payloads of up to 132 pounds (60 Kg)—can be mounted on Telemetrics Floor Dollies or Floor Mounting Plates, as well as inverted from the ceiling. This provides unique camera angles (from 29.5 inches (750mm) up to 60.5 Inches (1536 mm))—that help convey the story on air.

Comprehensive cable management is included as a part of the pedestal, ensuring a consistent operator experience.  Among the many features of the EP5 enjoyed by Torres and his team are: smooth, effortless camera moves; a variety of speed settings; and the freedom of positional servo control that leverages optical encoders for seamless integration with virtual set systems.

Torres said Telemetrics staff was also instrumental is helping to train the staff on how to operate the robotic system from a single control panel joystick.  “Telemetrics has been extremely responsive and timely to our training and service needs, which has helped improve our production efficiency,” Candela said. “We’ve always known Telemetrics to be highly responsive to our needs.”


About Telefónica

The first pay-TV company in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world, Telefónica currently offers services in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela through different platforms: IPTV, DTH, CATV, VoD and OTT. Telefónica’s Latam Video Unit provides its services to companies in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, U.S.A., Central America and Peru.  Currently, Telefónica has over 4.5 million pay-TV clients in Latin America, with 8.2 million overall.

About Telemetrics, Inc.

Telemetrics, founded in 1973, revolutionized the robotic camera control industry with the introduction of robotic camera control over Triax. Today, Telemetrics is a pioneer of innovative solutions used in Studio, Legislative, Military, and Education. Telemetrics offers the S5 line of Pan/Tilt heads, motorized columns with the Televator, ceiling or floor mounted TeleGlide track systems and expansive software control packages with the RCCP-1 platform. Telemetrics is committed to making the most reliable, durable, and dependable broadcast ecosystem in the world…products that can be built on for decades not just years.


Nordic TV Broadcaster TV 4 Installs New Robotic Camera PedestalsFrom Telemetrics For Main Production Studio In Stockholm -

ABC affiliate KATV, Little Rock, Ark., has moved to a new building. In the studio, @Telemetrics PT-LP-S5 Pan/Tilt heads are utilized with @CARTONI camera pedestals and @Tekskil prompters.

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