Telemetrics has a wide range of reliable and smoothly elevating (or descending) Televator® camera pedestals and TelePod® motorized tripods.  These allow users to maximize space in small studios by mounting and remotely controlling cameras in a multitude of ways, adding creativity and coverage that distinguishes all types of video productions.
Televator (EP-7)
  • Floor or Ceiling
  • High load capacity up to 132 lbs (60 kg)
  • Fast and quiet, up to 3 inch/sec (31.75 mm/sec)
  • Virtual set ready

The latest generation, the EP7 Series is available in four sizes that help maximize available space in small studios, enable more creative shots and enhance show flexibility. Each model offers smooth, quiet operation (with motion live shot capability) full elevating motion (up to 104.76” [2660.95mm] in height) and variable speed control with 32-bit encoding.

Users can combine the EP7 with Telemetrics pan/tilt heads, studio dolly kit or TG4 TeleGlide® camera track, and can support third-party Virtual Set systems. These new pedestals offer the smooth motion, superb repeatability and robust construction for which Telemetrics is famous.

Televator (EP-6M)
  • Floor or Ceiling Mount
  • Small and Compact
  • Quiet and Smooth Movement
  • Virtual Set Ready

Available for ceiling or floor mounting, the Telemetrics® EP6M elevating pedestal is available in two sizes—EP6M-400, up to 29.3” [743mm elevating height] and EP6M-700, up to 45” [1143mm height]—to fit a wide range of applications. It features variable speed control for smooth acceleration/deceleration and solid construction to help create captivating, remotely controlled productions that get noticed.  Designed for the PTZ camera market and applications where a single operator is desired, the robust and reliable EP6M Televator features a highly accurate, absolute positional servo motor, smooth quiet operation and an auxiliary control bus interface. It can also be combined with Telemetrics PTZ cameras, studio dolly kit or TG4M TeleGlide® camera track, to support highly accurate projects as well as third-party virtual set systems.

Telepod (ETP)
  • Tripod-like Floor mount
  • Local or Remote Control
  • Quiet and Smooth Movement
  • Easy setup and take down

The TelePod is equipped to function in an integrated studio set up yet is compact enough to be easily carried to a remote shoot. The unit supports small compact cameras and pan/tilt heads, and interfaces with Telemetrics’ control panels for RS-232 control of the camera, pan/tilt/zoom/focus, iris and elevation; as well as the complete Telemetrics’ robotics product line.

Elevating Wall Mount (EWM)
  • Wall Mount
  • Long vertical travel
  • Quiet and Smooth Movement
  • Virtual Set Ready

Offers both vertical and horizontal positioning to P/T camera movement. Track lengths and configuration are made to your specifications.  The belt driven track system is a remotely controlled camera positioning system. It is controlled using Telemetrics Camera Robotics optional precision X-Z (~13,000 count/inch) position encoders are available for use with Virtual Studio applications. Positional information is combined via the Telemetrics P/T Heads, processed into a serial data format and sent to the Virtual Studio Computer.

  • Televator
  • High Speed
  • Fast and quiet, up to 3 in/sec
    Virtual set ready
    Floor or ceiling
  • Perfect for: studios,
    high end applications.
  • Televator
  • Medium Speed
  • Quiet and smooth, up to 1.5 in/sec
    Small and compact
    Floor or ceiling
  • Perfect for: studios,
    high end government and corporate.
  • Telepod
  • Positioning
  • Easy setup and takedown
    Local or remote control
    Quiet and Smooth
  • Perfect for: sports,
    mobile applications.
  • Belt Track
  • Long Travel
  • Long vertical travel
    Quiet and smooth
    Virtual set ready
  • Perfect for: sports,
    beauty shots, customized applications.