Telemetrics Troubleshooting Guide




Why am I getting a message on my screen that says Maintenance License Expiring?


  • The pop up is just a reminder that the Maintenance License is due to expire. [The controller panel will continue to work.]
  • When the Maintenance license expires, we will no longer be able to update the panel, with the latest software updates and improvements.
  • It will be the customers decision to purchase the latest software versions and updates as needed. Be assured it has no effect on the normal operation of the Control Panel.


  1. Customer needs to supply RCCP-1 Site Id.
  2. Insert a Flash drive into the back of the RCCP-1.
  3. Go to the Admin Page.
  4. Export the SiteID file to a flash drive.
  5. Send the file to Telemetrics support:
  6. Once the license file is provide a new license will be sent back.
  7. Insert a Flash drive into the back of the RCCP-1 with file.
  8. Go to the Admin Page.
  9. Import the SiteID file to a flash drive.
  10. Old license files should be removed.


How do I calibrate the Touchscreen and Multi-Monitor?

  • The touchscreen is unresponsive or not tracking correctly

Enter The Soft Bios.

1. Select the progress bar on the RCP Loading screen or by holding the exitbutton for two seconds.

2. Displays Windows Screen Settings :

a. Basic/Shader, only has an internal screen, resolution is set for 640×480.

b. Studio/LGS, has an additional ELO 22” Touchscreen

c. Set to Extended Mode, press WIN key+ P, selec tEXTENDf1920 1080

d. Verify resolution is 1920×1080.

3. Touchscreen Calibration:

a. Select Calibration:

b. Select Calib. Touch RCP

c. The screen will display a cross hair, using your finger and touch the cross hair as they appear.

d. Upon completion, the Soft Bios screen appear.