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01/10/2017| Press Release
Telemetrics’ platform helps City of Plano broadcast high quality City Council, Planning and Zoning and Special Events

Mahwah, NJ (January 10, 2017) – Telemetrics is pleased to announce the installation of its Robotic Camera Control Panel and...

08/11/2011| Press Release
Telemetrics Camera Control System Instrumental In Successful Atlantis Launch

Mahwah, NJ (August 9, 2011) – For the tens of thousands of spectators who came to watch the lift-off of...


Telemetrics' RoboEye via @YouTube is NOW SHIPPING!

Local SI/reseller @ZellerMedia, in Switzerland, has implemented @Telemetrics new CP-S5 Compact Pan/Tilt heads at @RochePharmaceutical in Geneva for Roche's in-house production. Roche employs over 90,000 people across more than 100 countries. #studio

Thanks to @NEPGroup/Denmark for implementing upgrades to the existing Telemetrics systems at the @DanishParliament. The system includes six new PT-CP-S5 Pan/Tilt heads and the customer has subscribed to the Telemetrics Software Maintenance Program.

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