Telemetrics’ precise, reliable, remotely controlled Pan/Tilt heads are used across the globe for a variety of single-operator, multi-camera productions.
  • Unique “Dual Cradle” design provides mechanical isolation between teleprompter and camera to eliminate wobble in image
  • High load capacity up to 85lb
  • Fast and quiet, up to 90deg/sec
  • Virtual set ready

A unique counter-balancing system on the PT-LP-S5 enables quick, easy and accurate setup, even when a teleprompter, confidence monitor, and other components are mounted on the head. Multiple cameras can be quickly configured as pan, tilt and pedestal parameters are accessed via a simple push of a button on the camera base (eliminating the need for a dedicated control panel). In addition, LED indicators provide real-time warning if the load is out of balance. The ultra-precise mechanics provide smooth motion and an accuracy of 0.016º, making the PT-LP-S5 ideal for virtual set applications.

  • Full integrated servo that supports key-frame motion and on-the-fly motion time changes
  • High load capacity up to 40 lbs
  • Fast and quiet, up to 100 deg/sec
  • Built in Cable Management

For those looking to improve operations efficiency and reduce costs, the PT-HP-S5 Robotic Pan/Tilt head is the latest addition to the highly successful S5 Robotically Controlled Camera Series. The rugged construction of the PT-HP-S5 Camera Head is perfectly suited for daily use in studio applications where support of mid-to-heavy payloads of up to 40 pounds is required; this provides the capability to support teleprompters. It includes Telemetrics field-proven Advanced Servo technology that provides smooth motion and quiet on-air operation, and improved production values, each and every time.

  • Adaptable Housing Fits Most Broadcast Cameras and Lenses
  • High load capacity up to 85lb
  • Fast and Smooth Motion
  • Weatherproof

Don’t trust your important assets to just any PTZ system. The Telemetrics PT-WP-S5 All-Weather Motorized Housing offers TV stations the ability to implement TrafficCam and city vista footage into their newscasts. It also provides high-level security environments with worry-free security, uncompromising performance and broadest-quality imagery in a weatherproof, fully integrated remotely controlled camera system.

A built-in, servo-controlled robotic pan tilt head offers smooth operation in a rugged, easy-access metal enclosure.

This robust, remotely operated robotic pan tilt head, metal housing and software system accommodates—and protects—a broadcast-quality HD or 4K camera (and lens) inside that’s ideal for high-quality, no-nonsense outdoor applications.

  • Camera Power and Camera Controls
  • Digital and Analog Lens Interface
  • Interface to 3rd Party Equipment
  • Built in Web Browser

The Telemetrics IU-S5 Camera/Lens Interface Unit works in tandem with the entire Telemetrics RCCP control panel series and provides highly integrated and reliable control over all the most common broadcast cameras and lenses.

Designed for remotely operating both ENG-style and studio “box” cameras, the new IU-S5 interface allows operators to quickly and easily make a variety of adjustments to all shading and lens controls for cameras mounted in fixed positions, on a boom or crane. When receiving input from the RCCP-1A controller, for example, the IU-S5 interface relays RS-232/422 and IP control data to and from the camera to enable operators to match cameras and adjust lens settings quickly and easily from a central location. It also is fully compatible with all types of virtual set configurations.

  • PT-LP-S5
    Studio, high-end Applications
  • Full payload
  • Fast and quiet, up to 90 deg/sec
    Virtual Set Ready
    Unique Dual Cradle Design
  • Perfect for: studios,
    high end applications.
  • PT-HP-S5
    Mid-size studio, Government, Corporate Applications
  • Medium Payload
  • Fast and Quiet, up to 100 deg/sec
    Small and compact
    Smooth motion
  • Perfect for: studios,
    high end government and corporate.
  • PT-WP-S5
    Government, sports Applications
  • Outdoor
  • Rugged, outdoor conditions
    customizable camera/lens
    Wiper and washer
  • Perfect for: sports,
    surveillance applications.
  • IU-S5
    Fixed camera applications
  • Camera & Lens Only
  • Direct IP control
    Small and compact
    Easy configuration
  • Perfect for: sports,
    jib, handheld or fixed camera applications.