Training Is An Investment In Your Future

Telemetrics is encouraging Studio Ops supervisors, production teams, technicians, resellers, dealers, and others to “learn before you buy” with special factory-certified training courses that improve your knowledge of camera robotics and the increased productivity they bring. These invaluable 1-, 2- and 4-day courses cover a comprehensive series of robotic camera control topics, customized per your individual needs.

Scheduled on your time, participants will learn from company experts about the latest features and capabilities of Telemetrics’ full product line, or just those that meet your organization’s needs. Training course agendas can include Setup, Alignment, Calibration, Operation, Preventative Maintenance, and Basic Troubleshooting. Highly detailed one-, two- and four-day courses are available, each tailored to specific requirements. A comprehensive, 5-Day course designed specifically for dealers and resellers of Telemetrics technology is also offered.

Each training session is  personalized to meet the customers’ individual needs, based on the participant’s skill set/responsibility and the products they own/operate or plan to. These training courses effectively complement Telemetrics’ existing Premiere Service and Maintenance Plans.